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There’s something that doesn’t feel quite right about a bye week. Almost every other team plays and has something to talk about, whether it’s a shock win, an unexpected loss, a strange replay decision or a player injury that could finish the season for a team. The one thing that you can predict about the National Football League is its total unpredictability.

But for the Dallas Cowboys the talk was all about the fallout from the Green Bay loss added to the Rams loss until Elliott’s court case, and his impending suspension, gave us all something else to talk about, even if only very few understand what’s going on. This will he/won’t he be suspended has to be a massive mental distraction for Zeke and there has to be a knock-on effect from this on his preparation to play.

The bye week is also about timing, if a team is on a winning streak then a bye week can take away that momentum. If there have been consecutive losses then the bye is a chance to refocus and work on what’s gone wrong or it can give a player extra time to recover from injury. For the Cowboys, it’s a chance to refocus and get players ready to play.

There have been problems on defense but the pass rush should be better than it has been with the return of Irving before the bye. The return of Lee and Hitchens makes the Linebacking corps instantly better and takes the pressure off Jaylon Smith. The secondary has struggled, period! There was certainly no problem with cutting ties with Nolan Carroll, that’s because Jourdan Lewis has been exceptional so far and Xavier Woods looks the part at safety. There are improvements to the defense, personnel wise, coming out of the bye so the focus needs to be cutting out the individual mistakes. Make those tackles, win those 1 on 1 battles and a turnover or two wouldn’t be a bad thing.

So that’s the Bye week for the Dallas Cowboys done for another season, it’s all about the next 11 weeks from now.

I met Kevin Cadle a couple of times and he was always willing to talk football and pose for a photo. His relationships with the other presenters made the NFL on Sky shows so much fun and he’ll be sorely missed by all NFL fans


Week 6 Preview

The Cowboys face the winless San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium on Sunday. Take the word ‘winless’ away and they still face the same team, in the same place, at the same time, but maybe the expectation changes slightly.

Other than week 1, the 49ers have been losing some squeakers, mostly due to the offense not getting the points separation needed to make life a little easier for the defense.

The 49ers have made a decision to change their QB and Dallas get to face Beathard and WR Pierre Garcon, who always seems to have a big day when he plays the Cowboys. At RB there’s Carlos Hyde, we all know the issues that Dallas have had stopping the run this season so I’m expecting to see a lot of Hyde with the odd play-action pass to Garcon. The Cowboys really need to stop the run and force Beathard, to win the game. Irving, Lawrence and Crawford should all be dominant at the line and the Linebackers, with a healthy Sean Lee, should be able to shut down any run plays that get to the outside.

The San Fran defense is giving up just enough to lose, I fully expect Zeke to have a big game, maybe not from the get go, but certainly as the game goes on. This is an O-Line that feels that it has something to prove after the first 5 weeks, there should be gaps for Zeke and a clean pocket for Dak. Although the last 2 games both games ended in a loss the offense has really started to look good and there’s no reason that should change this week. If the Cowboys can build a healthy lead and take away the 49ers running game this could be the game that gives Dallas a confidence boost that is sorely needs. Although this is a potential banana skin it’s a must win for the Cowboys.

Prediction: Cowboys 38 49ers 13

The House Dallas warriors are off to the land where mining for gold is a way of life. The House of San-Fran wear helmets made of solid gold and have a history of great Field Generals. Joseph of Montana and Young Steve have had battles with House Dallas in the past however, the current Field Generals aren’t fit to buff up their shiny helmets.

House Dallas will be looking to win this battle following 2 successive defeats and will want House San-Fran to bend the knee to King Dak

Witten is finally here

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