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I imagine that coach Garretts final words to his players, before they took to the field on Sunday, went something like…’OK guys, the weather is terrible so let’s not turn the ball over on our opening possession.’ 2 minutes later…’OK guys, never mind, there’s still a lot of football to play. We’re only down by 3’.

The hardest thing that the Cowboys had to battle against all game was the weather. The hardest things that Washington had to battle was Orlando Scandrick, Tyrone Crawford, Zeke Elliott, oh, and the weather. Scandrick was everywhere, Crawford drew so much attention that Irving and Lawrence were both able to get to the QB on a regular basis, and if they double teamed Lawrence or Irving then Crawford was free. But it was when Crawford and Scandrick combined that the game turned on its head. Crawford getting a hand up to block a Washington FG attempt that, if successful, would’ve given them a 9-point lead, Scandrick scooping up the ball and returning it 86 yards to the Washington 4. Two plays later Zeke scores to give the Cowboys a 1-point lead. Small margins in a game can make a big difference.

Zeke had another solid game, not one big run and then a series of small gains, rather a consistent grind throughout the game. Dez made some important catches to move the chains. Switzer stepped up after Beasley sustained a concussion and even Swaim made a good catch over the middle. The downside on both offense and defense was the amount of penalties conceded, Tyron Smith getting called for holding to bring back an Elliott score and Anthony Brown getting called for pass interference were the two most frustrating of the game. Frustrating mostly because I’m not even sure that either of them were actually penalties.

Defensively, Dallas look to have a good balance, the improved pass rush helps the secondary and the secondary’s tight coverage helps the pass rush. The linebackers are back to hunting as a pack and the has helped to defend the run. The D is also helped by the offense staying on the field and racking up over 30 points a game for the 4th straight game.

On a horrible night to be a kicker, punter or long snapper Nugent, Jones and LaDouceur hardly put a foot wrong, Nugent’s missed FG the only blot on an otherwise excellent performance.

Week 6 Preview

The Cowboys have found it tough to stop the run at times this season, so the last thing they need is the Kansas City Chiefs and their rookie sensation, Kareem Hunt. Offensively, as well as Hunt, the Chiefs have a QB (Smith) who’s having a great season, a couple of good WR’s and a go to TE. Swap Smith, Hunt, Hill, Robinson and Kelse for Prescott, Elliott, Bryant, Williams and Witten and it sounds like I’m describing the Dallas Cowboys offense and that may be where the key to victory lies, how have teams tried to stop the Cowboys and can this Cowboys team manage it.

Keeping the Chiefs offense off the field is a must so when Dallas have the ball it’s time consuming drives that end with 7 points and not 3, it’s not letting the Chiefs offense get into a rhythm so the D needs to build on what they’ve done for the last few games and get some pressure on Smith and turnovers. Of course, Kansas City will want to do exactly the same thing to the Cowboys, so it has to be mistake free football and don’t turn the ball over to a Chiefs team that currently are +10 in turnovers for the season.

Playing at at&t should be an advantage but there will be a lot of Chiefs fans in attendance so the Cowboys need to take control of this early and get the Cowboys fans into it, this could be a game where the last team to have the ball wins

At the time of writing it’s still not clear if Zeke will play or not, either way the game plan won’t change.

Prediction: Chiefs 27 Cowboys 31

Long, long ago there was another House Dallas, they were known as the Texans! Clint Jr of Murchison set up a rival House known to this day as the Cowboys, after a short battle the Texans were banished from the realm of Texas and set up a new house in Kansas City, where they became the Chiefs.

Fast forward to the present day and House KC return to the realm of Texas to do battle with House Dallas. The Cowboys are in good cheer following their victory over the evil House Washington and hope to have Prince Zeke available to lead the charge despite the wishes of the wicked Baron Goodell, whose sole purpose in life is to see Prince Zeke spend 6 weeks in the stocks.

House KC are led by Andrew Reid, a man so large that his wife once said, ‘I’ll never get over you Andrew, I’ll have to get up and walk round’

Witten is finally here

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