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The Dallas Cowboys suck! It’s official! They don’t suck because they got beat, they suck because of the way they keep getting beat.
Dak’s going to take a lot of heat because of his performance, and rightly so. However, the game plan for the past 2 weeks hasn’t helped his situation. Linehan’s play selection is a real head scratcher at times, there’s the obvious stuff, and if anyone has paid any attention this season they would know what to expect depending on down and distance. But then there’s the other stuff where there seems to be no reason to it, it’s as if the plays are called to put us in a situation we can’t get out of. And then there’s the targets, or the lack of them. Now I’m only an armchair QB but I know that checking down the receivers takes time, time that Dak hasn’t had since Tyron Smith has been missing from the line-up. So where are the quick slants to Beasley, Dez & T-Will, where are those short, 5 yard passes over the middle to the TE’s that used to be our bread & butter plays. Far too often this season we’ve had to play catch up because we settle for FG’s when we need TD’s, we become predictable as the game goes on and we don’t adjust to the oppositions game plan.
This 3rd quarter thing has been annoying all season but now it’s beyond annoying. Someone really needs to question what happens at halftime because while the opposition seem to be making adjustments we seem to be patting ourselves on the back for keeping it close for the first 30 minutes. There’s an argument that if it’s worked in the first half then keep going with it, unfortunately that requires the other team to keep doing what they did in the first half as well. Against the Eagles, Dallas conceded 30 points in the second half, that’s a point for every minute! This team are better than this, they have the weapons on offense to take the pressure off the defense.
We keep shooting ourselves in the foot, playing catch up is putting Dak under pressure to pass the team down the field and takes away what this offense is all about, the run. Whether it’s Morris or Smith filling in for Zeke, we have to keep confidence in what we do well. Now, I know that having Zeke in the backfield is going to make the opposing D line up differently that they would without him however, we don’t seem willing to try to use that to our advantage. Tiredness is adding to the defensive woes, the longer they’re on the field, the more mistakes they make, the more mistakes means that they give up big plays and possibly TD’s. this puts more pressure on the offense and in particular, Dak.

Week 12 Preview

The Cowboys play a Chargers team on Thanksgiving Day and Coach Garrett really should be giving thanks if he gets any players back and that the Linebacker injury epidemic comes to an end, soon. The Chargers will be coming into this after a big win so it’s important that the Cowboys turn possession into points early, and by points, I mean TD’s, and get Rivers off the field.
Offensively, Dallas need to stay with the run and nickel and dime their way down the field with the pass when the time is right. Witten, Beasley and T-will need to be influential in the passing game.
Defensively, some pressure on Rivers is a must. If he has time he’ll pick the defense apart. Getting the LA offense off the field will cut down on fatigue later in the game and give the offense a greater opportunity to build a lead.
The Cowboys have to stop this 3rd quarter meltdown. Build on what’s worked and eliminate the simple errors that have hindered the team all season.

Prediction: Chargers 27 Cowboys 31

The giant Eagle that is House Philadelphia swooped down on House Dallas and unleashed hell. King Dak was hearing the beating of wings and the footsteps of the House Philadelphia hordes at every turn. Carson of Wentz left the battlefield with hardly a scratch whilst the House Dallas warriors were left battered and bleeding
Castle AT&T will have to be rebuilt in a hurry as the Chargers of House LA come charging into view. King Dak has to rally the troops and hope that Tyron the Colossus is back to protect him.
The House LA field general, Phillip Rivers of Babylon, is in the twilight of his career but is still capable of leading his warriors to victory. This old timer from the West has had it easy and expectations have been low of victory in big battles over the years…let’s hope that this is the case on the holiday of giving thanks.

Witten is finally here

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