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It’s anyone’s game at the half, Blah Blah. 3rd quarter meltdown Blah Blah. It’s all Dak’s fault Blah Blah. Sack everyone Blah Blah Blah
I almost tweeted at the half something along the lines that ‘the Chargers will score, the Cowboys will punt, the Chargers will score and the Cowboys will spend the rest of the time trying to throw the ball against a prevent defense, but will ultimately get beat’. But I thought Nah! Even the 2017 Dallas Cowboys wouldn’t get into that situation again and again and again…well, think again, because they only went and did it!
I got into a little twitter conversation with our very own Jamie Smith and he said that it just shows how much the team relies on Sean Lee and Zeke Elliott. This got me thinking, the Dallas Cowboys have a roster of 53, how many of them do the team rely on, I mean really rely on? How many of them have the same impact that Sean and Zeke do? The answer is probably not that many, off the top of my head I’d say…Tyron, Travis & Zach, I’ll add Dak to that as well. On special teams, I’d have to add LP, Jones & Bailey.
If any of the receivers were missing playing time I’m not sure that anyone would notice. Although Witten is the GOAT and does more than most people realise, if he wasn’t playing would it make that much difference? Defensively, I can’t think of an argument for any of them. So that’s just 9 players, and only one of them is on the defensive side of the ball…WOW!
A strong spine for the defense is a must have if the offense isn’t going to be under pressure to score on every drive. Currently, part of the reason we’re struggling offensively is that we can’t respond when the opposition score, and the opposition are scoring too often in the second half of games. Defensive Tackle, Middle Linebacker and the Safety position take away the middle of the field forcing teams to the side-line. The Cowboys have a tackle in Irving who can get some penetration, a Mike Linebacker in Hitchens who has to cover the Will spot when Sean Lee is missing (don’t forget that Lee is the one player on defense that makes the unit better just by being on the field) and 2 Safeties, Jones and Heath, who are playing as a tandem for the first time this season.
Offensively it’s about stretching the field, making sure that the opposition defense has a lot of the field to cover. Defending 20 yards from the line of scrimmage is easier that defending 40+ yards. The Cowboys don’t have a receiver who forces teams to respect the deep pass, their bread and butter plays for the last few seasons have been high percentage completions that pick up 6 to 12 yards and then pick up extra YAC. My point is that as long as the spine of the defense is weak we’ll keep giving up points and as long as there’s no legitimate deep threat they’re easy to defend when playing catch-up. The run pretty much gets abandoned with no Zeke.
With 5 games remaining every game is a must win for the 2017 Dallas Cowboys and the coaching staff need to get it right, right now! I read something last week saying that they’re the same coaches who were responsible for last year’s 12-4 season, and they were OK then, so we shouldn’t be calling for their heads when we’re at 5&6. Let’s get one thing straight, there will be no coaching changes while the season is being played. It’s just not going to happen. During the off season is a different matter and the internal promotion of some of our better position coaches could lead to the departure of a co-ordinator. A part of good coaching is preparation and the ability to identify potential risks and do something about them before they become problems, the Cowboys seem to have too many problems at the moment so the question should be if you knew that 25% of the secondary and 40% of the O line would be weakened by FA or retirement, added to the potential suspension of your star RB and the definite suspension of some other players what did you do to mitigate the risk? The answer is in the performance and results so far

Week 13 Preview
It’s Washington this week and we’ve already beaten them once this season, so we know what that feels like. This game either kick starts the final push for a wild card spot or we can kiss the season goodbye. Keeping Cousins on the backfoot and making him rush his throws could see some positives for the Cowboys D against the pass. Not allowing the Washington run game to get any kind of momentum will help as well. Keeping it close for the first half is no guarantee of success in the second, as we know, so there needs to be a strong offensive showing.
Dak is the future of the Dallas Cowboys at the QB position and, although it’s been horrible to watch recently, I really feel that this season has made him a stronger player mentally. I didn’t realise the T-Will hasn’t had a TD this season, that is shocking for a second receiver, these receivers have to make a difference.
This isn’t going to be pretty to watch (even at 1:30am) and if things don’t go to plan and the crowd start to get on the teams back then it’s going to be even uglier. Saying that, the offense has got to get better after 3 terrible performances so, in a tight game, it’s a Dan Bailey kick that wins the game

Prediction: Washington 17 Cowboys 20

The House Washington Field General, Cousin Kirk, brings his band of no-hopers to House Dallas looking to take advantage after the Cowboys last 3 battles, which all ended in defeat.
King Dak is still without Prince Zeke but will look to Alfred the Great to run over his old House and seal a great victory
In other news around the realms. Over in House New Jersey the evil McAdoodoodoo, who usually likes to push pineapples, shake trees and grind coffee, has demoted the 4th best field general called Manning (Payton, Archie & Bernard all come before him) and has handed the reigns of House New Jersey to someone called Gino, who wasn’t even good enough for the Jets of House New York!!

Witten is finally here

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