Upon Further Review Vol 3, No 14

Vol 3, No 14
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We won! We scored 38 points! We scored a TD on Special Teams! We had a 100+ yard rusher! Just one question…Can we play Washington every week?
It started very cagy. Dallas couldn’t run or pass, and they certainly couldn’t take advantage of a couple of turnovers. The opening scoring drive calmed a few nerves, but we’d seen this before. The first turning point (there were 2 that swung the game Dallas’ way) was Switzer’s punt return for a TD, he’s threatened to turn one loose a few times this season but to see him in full flow, dodging would-be tacklers, was something we haven’t seen for a long time. The second turning point was Dez’s TD catch, he just hung there like a real life ‘Air Jordan’ logo before bringing the ball in for the score. The offensive line play was excellent, Cooper looks a different player now that Tyron is back. Collins has been underrated all season, his play is consistent, he’s had to face players of the calibre of JPP and Von Miller and there can be no doubt that he is the starting RT. The play of Alfred Morris just took out the little wind Washington had and now everyone’s happy again. Well, sort of.
The talk since has all been about the Secondary rotation, and how great it is. And it really did bring out the best in the players. You want to stop the run, take out Byron and bring in Kavon…simple! But now that our remaining opponents have seen it just how effective will it be going forward in these final, must win games. What’s to stop the Giants, Raiders, Seahawks or Eagles going to an hurry up offense and keeping those run stopping DB’s on the field against the pass?
This defense has blown hot and cold all season, when it’s been good it’s been very good but when it’s been poor it’s been horrendous. Losing Sean Lee and the effect that he has is well documented but it seems that just as it looks like we’re getting it right it goes horribly wrong. In these last four games, the team have to get it right every time.

Week 14 Preview
It’s the Giants, 10 days since our last game and a lot of stuff has happened in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Eli got benched and Geno Smith came in, then Coach McAdoo got permanently benched and Eli is back in.
But these Dallas Cowboys can’t worry about any of that, no matter how funny their situation might be for the rest of us, they’ve got a game to win. If we let the Giants keep it close we could come unstuck so offensively Alfred Morris needs to have another big day, Dez needs to make some plays but I’m really looking at Cole Beasley to have a great game. Beasley can get those Yards After Catch that are so important and he’ll need to get them because with no Zeke to worry about the Giants D line is going to be targeting Dak all day.
Defensively, it’s all about making Manning wish that Geno was back under centre. A big day from Irving, Crawford and Tank and the secondary will see the benefit.

Prediction: Cowboys 27 Giants 13


House New Jersey is in turmoil. First the 4th best field general called Manning was forced to wash down the horses while that traitor Geno from House New York led the team into battle, then McAdoodoodoo was banished from House New Jersey, never to return. Now the 4th best Manning is back and Geno is washing the horses! You couldn’t make it up.
House Dallas travel to the backwater swamp that is New Jersey seeking to put Manning and his band of wasters to the sword once more
With no Hodor Beckham it’s been a miserable time for House New Jersey but House Dallas do have ‘little fingers’ to contend with

Witten is finally here

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