Upon Further Review Vol 3, No 15

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Another win, although for the first 3 quarters it was anyone’s guess how it was going to go. It was a good job that the Giants really are that bad because any half decent team would’ve put the Cowboys away before half time. Too often the run seems to get abandoned and we find ourselves in a constant state of offensive firefighting…the runs not working, let’s pass. The pass isn’t working, let’s put a ‘Jet sweep’ in. and so it goes on until something works or we’re forced to pass because we’ve found ourselves trailing. Luckily, the Giants are so woefully poor that we were able to pull away in the final quarter and come away with a 30-10 win.
Sean Lee was back and had a great game, he really does bring something that can’t be coached to the defense. He just makes it better by being there. The secondary is starting to look like an area where they are just going to get better and better over the next few years, but that’s little comfort in the short term. Although I’m not convinced about these strategic substitutions as a permanent feature, it’s certainly helping game by game. However, there’s still the potential to give away penalties and get caught out by a decent 2-minute offense.
Dak had a steady game, his yards were improved greatly by some long gains late on but overall he’s proving to be a great leader on and off the field. Rod Smith looked sharp and was Zeke-like catching a short pass and taking it to the house. Smith has been using the absence of Elliott to stake a claim for the backup role and on this showing he will be around for a while.
The kicking game had a bad day at the office, Dan Bailey missing not one but two field goals and an extra point. The camera angle for the second FG miss showed the effect that the wind had, the ball heading to the left before changing direction and going wide right.

So, a potential banana skin was avoided and now it’s onto the next game and let’s hope that our rivals slip up

The Cowboys wore white pants against the Giants, apparently Dez has been lobbying for some time that the team wear white pants. If there hadn’t been so much fuss beforehand I don’t know that I would’ve noticed. Now navy pants with the white jerseys…that’s going to get my attention!

Week 15 Preview
The Cowboys travel to Oakland for their next ‘Must win’ game. This is possibly the last time that Dallas will have to make this trip before the Raiders start their residency at the Starlight Rooms, Las Vegas. Dallas will want to get in, get the win and get out but to do that they really need to be patient with the running game. Morris and Smith have made a great tandem in the absence of Zeke, and with his return imminent this is a chance for both of them to stake a claim for the back-up spot. This is one of those games where T-Will could come up with the yards, or maybe even a TD. But if I have to single out a receiver who could have a good game I’m going to go with Dez, he’s physically strong over the middle and I like him in most one-on-one match ups for the first 20 yards.
Defensively, it’s about stopping the run. For these Cowboys that’s been easier said than done this season. Lynch will want to make a statement on national TV so if the Cowboys are to do anything they have to stop the Raiders establishing the running game. The secondary need to be convincing again and the pass rush could have a big day if they are.

Prediction: Cowboys 27 Raiders 17

House Oakland have carried the legend of the Black Hole for many years and have taken it with them on their travels. First they moved the hole from its original site when House Oakland became House LA (not to be confused with previous House LA’s or the current incumbents). The Hole didn’t take kindly to this and eventually it was moved back to its rightful place in Oakland. The Black Hole is due to be moved again in the near future, this time out of the realm known as California, when House Oakland become House Las Vegas. The prophesy states that if ever the Black Hole is moved from the realm a hundred years of misery will be endured. If they need evidence they only need to look at House Cleveland and what has happened since they moved their Dawg Pound.
Witten is finally here

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